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  Feaga Plumbing Services LLC is able to service your plumbing needs.

 We use the latest technologies that are offered in the plumbing field.  

We utilize and maintain knowledge of the newest equipment, and devices in the plumbing trade.

     Commercial Plumbing Services

              Residential Services

Experience on all types of water heating, equipment including gas, electric, and steam.
Hydronic heat exchanger repairs and installation, e.g. PVI, Bell & Gossett, Valutech.

Water conditioning to remedy scaling on kitchen equipment.

 Large capacity reverse osmosis systems, deionizing systems, carbon filter systems, lead remidiation from water.

 Copper-silver filters to keep fountains, and pools free from algae.

Preventative maintenance programs, and service of all plumbing fixtures.

​Service and installation of booster pumps.
  Water heater repairs and replacement.

  Tankless heaters installed.

  Sump pump replacement.

  Well pump service, and replacement.  
  Constant pressure systems installed.

  Booster pump service.

  Water conditioning to remove stains,
  and improve water quality.  Remove 
  chlorine taste from city water.

  Fixtures repaired and replaced.

  Service contracts available for plumbing
   systems, and water conditioners.